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Kumaredu Skills & Security Systems Private Limited

Technical Staff

At Kumaredu Skills & Security Systems Pvt Ltd, we have versatile, highly qualified and certified Hardware and Networking Engineers with varied academic backgrounds.

On-line Interactive Learning

We believe in On-line Interactive learning. That is to say, the problems, or doubts which students often face, while sitting before a system, is cleared by our staff as soon as they surface. This way our students learn more..

Get experienced while learning

After extensive learning, we subject our students to some Real Time situations (which is often created by our staff) and student left alone, to handle the situation, to overcome the problem, with his own solutions.

Teaching Strategy & Facility

There is a saying, "It takes a lot of beatings to make a perfect pot". We believe in continuous rigor and promote perseverance till knowledge is attained. Our labs are enormous and equipped with the latest systems available in the industry today.